Diva’s quality assurance is bottled water technology.

This water is of exceptional natural physical-chemical, microbiological and radiological characteristics and it is from the hygienic captured sources, secured with sanitary-protection zones, directly from the source put in the appropriate packaging.

Bottling process allows the maintenance of the natural composition of water, without any changes or additions, to the point of consumption. Specifically, applied technology understands exclusion of any chemical process and influences during the preparation and bottling of water.

The process is carried out through two key phases. The first consists in the preventive treatment so called puffering. The final treatment includes filtration of water with an aim of mechanical removal of any micro-particles.

The problem of technological waste water is completely resolved, as regards the faecal waste water and clogged waste water (caused by the means of transportation) by modern technology, based on biological- aerobics treatment.